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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy can help you end your smoking habit. And you can be FREE at last from a habit you used to have. Feel happy, relaxed and confident as a non-smoker. Feel a huge sense of relief that you’ve finally done it. All you need to do is commit and participate fully in a 2-hour process of talk and hypnosis and you can emerge as someone for whom cigarettes have become irrelevant.

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There’s no need for the past to define you any longer. You know, those thoughts that keep you up at night, that pop into your head to bring a good moment down. Together we can heal old wounds that lead to insecurities and lacking confidence. Hypnotherapy releases the burn of painful memories freeing you forever from old wounds and unhelpful programming.

Email Sharron@hypnoways.com or call 07956 122 842

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Here are some issues clients have come to see me about.

I want to lose weight

• Fear of flying, spiders, driving

I suffer from anxiety

• I lack of confidence

• I am not lovable/worthy

I find it hard to relax

• I want to stop blushing

• I want to quit biting my nails

• Public speaking scares me

• I clam up in stressful situations

• I wake up feeling scared

• I find it hard to to study and revise

• I suffer from exam nerves

• I want to control my anger
• IBS, irritable bowels syndrome
• Stress
• Focus and increase productivity
• I can’t fall asleep – Insomnia
• Self-confidence
• Grieving – Personal Loss
• I suffer from depression
• I hate the way my body looks
• I want to quit smoking
• I have a habit/addiction I would like to stop
• I binge eat

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