Quit Smoking in 2 hours

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy to help you end your smoking habit

  • Be FREE at last from a habit you used to have – in about 2 hours
  • Feel happy, relaxed and confident as a non-smoker
  • Feel a huge sense of relief that you’ve finally done it
  • Feel an improved sense of well-being in seconds
  • Feel confident that you CAN do it
  • ONE SESSION is all it takes. 
  • A free top-up is included but rarely needed
  • Stop Smoking with complete peace of mind
  • You won’t need patches, vapes or potions

Two-hour Session Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Out of all the ways to stop smoking, ‘Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy’ is the favourite and for good reason – it makes stopping smoking much, much easier when you know how.


You may have already read that in the largest ever study into methods to quit smoking hypnosis was statistically proven as the most effective treatment available.


Every year many thousands of people worldwide successfully use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, often by referral from Doctors, GP’s and other healthcare professionals and we are happy to play an important role in that.


As a practitioner I adhere to very strict codes of conduct and treat all my clients with the utmost respect and privacy, including those with a high public profile.


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