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How nurture becomes your nature


From the moment you are born – and some say even before that – you are absorbing everything your parents or authority figures around you believe, think, feel, fear or love about their world and about you.

It’s a process that continues up to the age of 7 years old without question or analysis because in those formative years the human mind has no power of discernment. That means whatever you were told becomes your truth. So if you were consistently told that you were “stupid” or that the world is “unsafe” or made to feel unworthy or unloved, these messages become part of your core beliefs.


That means every experience gets logged in the library of your subconscious mind and gets wrapped in an  emotional narrative. The experience/emotion combo is the building blocks of your core beliefs.


At around 8 years old the ability to discern begins to develop and this facility serves you well throughout your life either positively or negatively depending on the quality of your  core beliefs. 


Why should I care about  my Core Beliefs?


The thing is that your core beliefs are hidden so well in the subconscious mind that you are not aware of them. Yet they are the driving force behind every conscious thought which in turn produces the feelings that determine your behaviour. They define how you see the world, your role in it and how you respond to events. Everything in your life is a reflection of these and that includes the ease with which you navigate the ups and downs. For many though, there are challenges.


Ok, I get that but how can hypnotherapy help me?


Hypnotherapy is an effective way of identifying and changing undesirable beliefs, dissolving emotional hot spots to achieve long lasting transformation for the better. Importantly, you are always in control and cannot be made to do something you don’t want to. You will experience a pleasant, relaxed state of mind which allows new suggestions to override outdated and unhelpful beliefs that no longer have a place in your life. 



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Here are some issues clients have come to see me about.

I want to lose weight

• Fear of flying, spiders, driving

I suffer from anxiety

• I lack of confidence

• I am not lovable/worthy

I find it hard to relax

• I want to stop blushing

• I want to quit biting my nails

• Public speaking scares me

• I clam up in stressful situations

• I wake up feeling scared

• I find it hard to to study and revise

• I suffer from exam nerves

• I want to control my anger
• IBS, irritable bowels syndrome
• Stress
• Focus and increase productivity
• I can’t fall asleep – Insomnia
• Self-confidence
• Grieving – Personal Loss
• I suffer from depression
• I hate the way my body looks
• I want to quit smoking
• I have a habit/addiction I would like to stop
• I binge eat

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